How a domestic staff agency can give you at least 25 hours in a 24 hour day

Anybody who has domestic staff knows they are invaluable. The benefits they bring don’t just simplify your life, they bring pleasures that cannot be overstated such as:


  1. Guaranteeing the quality of important tasks – whether it’s the nanny who drops your children at school, the cook who caters to you dietary needs or the chauffeur who gets you from A to B by avoiding that day’s traffic jams and roadworks, your domestic employees give time care and attention to crucial activities so you can get on with your day, confident everything is under control.
  2. Expertise on tap – because live-in staff are on hand during working hours, you can always get some expert input into a matter, whether it’s the children’s homework, whether to plant a prairie border or how to integrate statistics into a report.
  3. Boost your leisure time – excellent social lives require a certain amount of preparation, so having a housekeeper to ensure bedrooms are tip top, a butler to oversee your guests’ every need and a chef with the capacity to wow your guests with amazing dishes, you’re bound to find that entertaining becomes easy.
  4. For those with more than one home, domestic staff ensure that every residence is kept clean, safe and welcoming and allow you to move from place to place without stress.


It all sounds rather obvious, doesn’t it? Whether you are about to employ your first domestic or a seasoned user of domestic staff, the benefits are very clear.


Domestic staff give you more time to enjoy life


What it all boils down to is that our clients find they have more time and energy to devote to the things that really matter to them, whether that’s growing their business, fulfilling a sporting ambition, spending time with their families or simply relaxing. With the right staff in place, it just feels as if you’re getting 25 hours out of every 24 hour day!


But Mrs Hunt’s Staffing also knows that finding the calibre of domestic staff that bring all these advantages isn’t that straightforward. It can take time to find the right employees, and it may be stressful to undertake that search. We aim to be your partners in finding the candidates who will give you the peace of mind you deserve.


A domestic staff agency can help you find the right staff by:


  • Helping you define the criteria for the perfect domestic employee
  • Sifting applicants, conducting background checks and comparing candidates with the job spec
  • Assisting with interview arrangements and suggesting questions that will help identify the best of the shortlisted candidates.


At Mrs Hunt’s Staffing we also insist on the highest calibre of both training and expertise – we are the longest-established and most rigorous of the UK domestic staffing agencies and we offer candidates whose pedigree is first class. The high standard of our staff doesn’t just provide piece of mind today – it provides better staff retention and which means our clients keep their employees for longer and find it easier to recruit new staff when current ones have to leave.