How a live-in domestic couple can make your life more fun

Clients often come to us because they’ve recognised they have a need for domestic employees. Sometimes this is because they’ve had experience of the ease and reassurance that comes from having excellent domestic staff, and sometimes it’s because they can see they have a problem and aren’t sure how to resolve it.


The value of a live-in domestic couple


Given that so many of our clients are clear about the value of having live in domestic staff, it’s a surprise that few of them specifically mention the way that employing a domestic couple adds to family fun. However we’ve seen endless examples of this underrated facet of domestic support. For example, whether your domestic couple are chauffeur and housekeeper, butler and cook, gardener and nanny, household manager and personal assistant, the same basic elements always apply:


1 A domestic couple smooth out the bumps of daily life


Which means you can have fun in the moments that used to be stressful – for example the school run is often troublesome, but when you can leave it to your nanny or chauffeur to ensure your well-breakfasted, well-prepared children arrive in good time, it’s easy to have a laughter-filled early morning experience.


2 A domestic couple helps you have spontaneous fun


The weather’s gorgeous? Ask your cook for a picnic and your chauffeur can drive you out to a little-known beauty spot to enjoy the sun. Unexpected guests? Your housekeeper will be ready to welcome them with beautifully appointed bedrooms and perfectly equipped common spaces, while your cook or chef will readily adjust menus to accommodate the surprise visitors and their dietary needs. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy their company.


3 A domestic couple can intensify your pleasure in your home


Tiny details make all the difference. Those who have a domestic live-in couple know the joy of finding your butler has arranged a display of garden flowers on the dinner table, the delight of wandering round your gardener’s well-kept green space, the thrill of hearing your child practising piano or violin under the supervision of a governess … all these are pleasures that are intensified by the presence of experienced domestic employees.


4 A domestic couple gives you the joy of certainty


When we get home late, or we have to solve a complex problem, when we’re under the weather or stressed by personal issues, family life can just be hard work. None of us are immune from difficult times, but a domestic couple can give you absolute confidence that your household will run like clockwork and your family well be well cared for. This means that even in the toughest times, you can find moments of happiness and satisfaction in your domestic life, which definitely help when dealing with life’s less pleasant moments.


Ready to find the perfect domestic couple for your family?


The final part of the fun equation is ours – we make it a real pleasure to find and hire the ideal domestic employees for your household. You may never have thought of working with a domestic staffing agency as fun, but Mrs Hunt’s Staffing exists to change your