Let us help you find a Butler

A butler might sound a little old-fashioned, but many high net worth households around the world function only because they have found the perfect butler for their needs. It might help if you think of a butler as being your ideal household manager rather than the old-fashioned butler definition. This is the person who oversees the functioning of your household, and who brings both hands-on skills and supervision of other individuals to their work.

What skills does my Butler need?

Butler jobs are varied and complicated, that’s why, at Mrs Hunts Staffing, we conduct rigorous interviews to ensure we can shortlist the high individuals to manage your household to perfection. We would expect to see certain key qualities in any butler:

  • Staff supervision
  • Diary management and domestic PA work
  • Formal food and drink service
  • Oversight of wine cellar
  • Management of silver, art and other collectables in the home
  • Valeting and care of employer’s clothing and appearance.

Selecting the ideal butler candidate may involve finding somebody with specialist expertise, for example speaking a second language, event organisation, managing shoots and guns, overseeing property in multiple locations etc.

Managing domestic staff – how Mrs Hunts Staffing can help

Once we’ve identified the exact role that your butler will undertake, we make sure that they have a clear understanding of their expected duties so that, when it comes to interview, you can get into the detail of your household needs. That might mean finding out how your potential butler would handle the nitty gritty of providing service in an international business household where Silver Service, Russian Service, meeting management and party planning are all part of the job. It could mean examining how your butler will cover, or oversee food and drink elements of the task whether this includes shopping and cooking or working with a cook or housekeeper to plan menus and budgets for the household. It could mean exploring how the ideal butler will support your working lifestyle with diary management and personal assistant duties outside office hours. Whatever your needs, there is a butler on our list who can make your life simpler and more enjoyable. Just get in touch, so we can help you improve your life with the perfect butler for your household.