Estate Management was traditionally an inherited position, passed from father to son, on a landed estate that was in one family for generations. Today’s property management jobs are very different. There are an increasing number of women entering the industry and most candidates have qualifications in agriculture, business management or property maintenance as well as a background in agriculture, horticulture or land management. Regular duties will usually include:

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Upkeep of house and outbuildings
  • Health and Safety
  • General security of land and buildings
  • Maintenance and use of machinery and equipment
  • Overseeing staff and contractors.

In addition, depending on the estate in question, an Estate Manager might be responsible for:

  • Lawn and woodland management
  • Managing a shoot
  • Supervising land use (film crews, wedding parties etc).

Finding the right Estate Management candidate

Each role is distinctive, which is why Mrs Hunt’s Staffing has an excellent track record in finding the ideal person for each position, whether that’s to fill an Estate caretaker job or and Estate Security Manger. We specialise in locating the right private household management for clients who have homes overseas, giving them absolute peace of mind that their property is in safe hands and will be ready to receive them at a moment’s notice.

Profitability is often a concern for our clients, estates need to make money rather than consume them, and where property management includes this element, we provide clients with a shortlist of Estate Manager candidates with strong business backgrounds, often with property management qualifications that allow them to deliver profit, as well as excellent service, to their employers.

Household estate management may also be a priority – especially where an estate is also a family home. In this case, our recruitment consultants focus on finding the right candidates to make your estate into a welcoming, wonderful home.

Ready to find the best Estate Manager?

Our promise to provide superior staff and superior service is born out by reputation, and that is nowhere more evident than in our ability to provide high calibre candidates for these demanding positions. Please contact us today, so that we can resolve your Estate Management problems the Mrs Hunt’s Staffing way.

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