We have the perfect cook or chef for you

At Mrs Hunts Staffing we know that cooking food is both an art and a labour of love. It’s what brings families together and makes special occasions memorable. That’s why our bank of professional chef and cook candidates all have wide experience in preparing, cooking and serving delicious food.

Chef or cook – which is right for you?

Our consultants will spend time ensuring we know exactly what you need. Broadly speaking, a chef will be a qualified cook, often with a culinary degree, while a cook may have learned their skills in a domestic setting (perhaps as part of a royal or noble household) and may not have the same level of formal qualifications as a chef, but will have demonstrable practical skills and excellent references. As an example, Gordon Ramsey has a degree in hotel management and was apprenticed with Marco Pierre White, which makes him a chef. Nigella Lawson has no formal culinary qualifications but still has wide and deep experience of cooking. In each case, a chef or cook from Mrs Hunts Staffing will have created their own ‘personal cookbook’ over years of kitchen experience, which may include specialist diets such as kosher, halal, ayurvedic, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and macrobiotic to name just a few.

Culinary staff for all circumstances

The role of chef or cook is one of the most varied in all the domestic staff positions. Sometimes a chef is working in a large household with many other kitchen staff to manage, or a cook may be working alone. Cooking staff may live in or out, work full time or part time but what all the Mrs Hunts Staffing candidates have in common is:

  • Excellent culinary skills
  • Demonstrable kitchen performance
  • Passion for food
  • Ability to plan menus and work with budgets.

So whether you’re looking for a household cook to delight your family or a Michelin starred chef to cater your business dinners and corporate events, we are certain to have the ideal culinary wizard to ensure every meal is a delight.