Providing Quality Household Staff Around The World

We provide housekeepers and butlers, cooks and chefs, chauffeurs, gardeners, couples, cleaners, and waiters.

Household staff from a premier UK Domestic Agency

For over a hundred years, Mrs Hunt’s Agency has been supplying staff of distinction to households worldwide. From palaces to private households, from butlers to personal assistants to maids, our unparalleled commitment to service has made us the agency of choice for those seeking reliable domestic staff.

Hire domestic staff the easy way

Housekeeping is the backbone of many busy households and we’ve become the agency of choice for those who need reliable, skilled and experienced domestic support. Whether it’s as simple as a nanny for your child or as complex as supplying a complete household from gardeners up to personal assistants, Mrs Hunt’s Agency is always ready to make life easier for you by identifying your needs, offering an unmatchable range of excellent household staff for your consideration and supporting you in establishing the domestic arrangements that make life worthwhile.

“No Engagement, No Fee” – our service commitment to our clients

Since the Victorian era our agency has been in the service of providing household servants. Our founder, Mrs Hunt, understood the need for efficiency, discretion and total confidence, which is why we’ve been working with some households for three generations, from the very beginning of our agency to the present day. Royal and noble families around the world rely upon our established reputation whilst High Net Worth individuals learn about us from their friends and ask us to staff their yachts or supply other needs on a bespoke basis. We even work with some of the world’s most exclusive resorts to provide house cleaning and other household needs.

Meeting your needs for household staff with flair and finesse

Unlike less well-established domestic agencies, who deal only in nanny jobs or finding cleaners, we have a century of experience in meeting the needs of clients the world over. The nature of our business has changed from coachmen to chauffeurs, from nursery maids to bilingual childcare professionals, but our ethos has not. We work as if you were our only client, we recommend only highly skilled and professional staff and we focus entirely on meeting your needs so that you can relax, confident that when Mrs Hunt’s Agency is on the case, your domestic arrangements are in safe hands.

If you need household staff, contact us today so you can find out what makes Mrs Hunt’s Agency one of the oldest, and finest, suppliers of domestic staff in the world.



Client Reviews

My new pa has really taken weight off me. Thanks

Thank you for my housekeeper Julie is great.

Always reliable staff needed for my events

thank you again Mrs Hunts team, we have been using your service for years and always provide quality
and reliable staff

Have gone above and beyond for us. Stella is the perfect house manager for us.

Mr White.

Just Hired Our New Chef His Great Thanks


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