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What is a doula?

A doula is a companion trained in emotional and psychological support to help parents, families and friends go through significant health-related experiences. These include childbirths, miscarriages, induced abortions, stillbirths, and even non-reproductive experiences.

Important note from our Doula Agency UK

Before you decide to hire a doula in the UK, you must know that doulas are not healthcare professionals, they are emotional and comfort caregivers. Hence, are often hired in conjunction with healthcare professionals who provide extensive medical care.

What do doulas do?

At Mrs. Hunts, our doulas provide support to the client, their spouse, family, as well as friends. Their major goal is to help protect you and make you feel safe throughout the traumatic journey you endured. Our doulas provide ongoing support for the entire family through any health-related event for example, from pregnancy, childbirth and in the early days of the new baby’s arrival.

Why should you hire a doula in the UK?

All parents and some families need a trained companion to fill the gap during a major life event. At Mrs. Hunts we listen and do not judge. If you need practical and emotional support in your home or hospital, then we are the company you need to call.

Hiring a doula in the UK is helpful for those who need continuous support during labor and delivery. According to research, though limited, doula support during childbirth is associated with decreased use of pain relief medication.

Why should you hire a doula UK from our Doula Agency UK?

Doula hiring is done through a stringent process of shortlisting resumes, conducting interviews and carrying out extensive background checks. During our doula hiring process, we ensure that all doulas have completed relevant courses, training as well as mentoring programs. We facilitate every process to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied.

Types of doula hiring

Women, parents and families require all kinds of doulas according to what type of support they need. Mrs. Hunts works with new parents, observes their style of parenting and matches the best doula for the family. Two types of common doula hiring are birth and postnatal doulas.

Hiring a doula UK: How to choose the best doula hiring for me?

All doulas at Mrs Hunts are enthusiastic about the work that they do. We suggest considering three important questions when you hire a doula in the UK.

  • Do we like the doula?
  • Can we spend time with them?
  • Can we trust them?

There are as many different types of doulas you can choose to hire in the UK. During the interview stage, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want to get to know the doula well. Our Doula UK Agency also suggests interviewing more than one doula to see which matches you best.  You are also allowed to ask for previous employer references from the doula. This will make you feel more comfortable and secure in the hiring process.

When you hire a doula UK, we will:

  • Offer life-changing emotional and mental support for parents (especially women) pre, during and post pregnancy,
  • Promote and develop the rest of the doula community,
  • Protect parents and healthcare professionals, and
  • Give better support for families in the UK

What are you waiting for? Hire a doula UK from our Doula UK Agency!

We have many doulas waiting to help you with your life experiences. We are here to help you emotionally and mentally during this critical time in your life. Call today!