The value of an Executive Assistant

Some people are surprised to find that Mrs Hunt’s Staffing is superbly equipped to supply Executive Assistants, not thinking of them as domestic staff but as the preserve of the commercial division. A glance at our history helps explain why we are the agency most likely to find you the perfect Executive Assistant (EA). When Mrs Hunt’s Staffing was founded, over a century ago, part of our responsibility was to supply young men to work as assistants to some of England’s most powerful businessmen. These assistants often lived in the home of their employers and were treated as members of the family – they were the forerunner of today’s Executive Assistant.

Today we have as many female candidates as male, and few Executive Assistants live in their employer’s home (although some do) but one thing hasn’t changed – our ability to recognise the qualities and qualifications that will make an EA just right for one of our clients.

When do I need an Executive Assistant?

The distinction between an EA and an administrative assistant is that an executive assistant works at the level of partnership with the executive, able to undertake decision-making. It’s a relationship much more like that of a personal assistant and his or her principal, and requires a high degree of trust which needs to be developed rapidly. That’s why we carefully collate the professional qualities and characteristics of each of our Executive Assistants so that they can hit the ground running as soon as they start in their new position. So what are the signs you need an EA?

  1. Your presence seems to be required in two places at once – for many business leaders, demands on their time are exigent. Having an executive assistant who can step in and serve as your proxy in meetings and conferences is invaluable. For this to work, the EA needs to have excellent interpersonal skills, a fantastic ability to integrate into groups and the power to take notes and respond as you would to key inputs.
  2. You need to be able to focus – everybody wants the input, oversight or approval of the big boss, but that bogs a business leader down in endless administration. Knowing which responsibilities you can delegate to your EA gives you plenty of scope to give your attention to the major projects that really matter to you.
  3. Your business takes you away from home too much – One reason that Mrs Hunt’s Staffing is unmatched in finding the right executive assistant is that we know how to find the balance around EA jobs and domestic arrangements which gives our clients a better home-life balance.

Ready for an Executive Assistant?

If you feel like you’re being pulled between home and work, and that your work focus could do with sharpening, if you’re constantly balancing demands on your time and you want to be able to get on with some major projects, an Executive Assistant could be the perfect solution. Mrs Hunt’s Staffing stands ready to solve your problems, just contact us to start the process that leads to a simpler and more enjoyable working day.