Do you need to hire a Personal Assistant?

For many of our clients, the link between a superbly managed home environment and an efficient work life is their Personal Assistant. When you hire a personal assistant from Mrs Hunt’s Staffing you are choosing to create a bridge between two worlds that are often in conflict, and to bring them into harmony soil that you find your work life as productive as your home life is manageable.

Personal Assistant or Concierge?

We recommend that most clients find a personal assistant rather than a concierge because while a concierge service can definitely help by meeting a range of needs that support a busy executive, most concierges will be working for a range of clients so they will not be able to focus thoroughly on meeting the needs of any individual client. Our highly qualified PAs dedicate themselves to making life smoother and more efficient for their employer and their personal assistant services will be tailored to meeting your needs and streamlining every aspect of your life both in business and at home.

Find a Personal Assistant

Knowing what you need is crucial to finding the ideal personal assistant. Most PAs will do some or all of the following:

  • Diary management – from booking your business appointments to ensuring you’re free for important family and social events, your PA ensures your valuable time is balanced and productive.
  • First point of contact – many personal assistant jobs involve a PA being the person who welcomes visitors to your home or to your office, they serve to reduce how often you are interrupted and to create a pleasant, professional impression on everybody who comes into your orbit.
  • Event planning – from small meetings through to conferences, Mrs Hunts Staffing has experienced Personal Assistants who can give you superlative service. They are equally adept and organising a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday party.
  • Servicing meetings – from taking minutes to noting key family decisions, a personal assistant discreetly and accurately keeps track of what’s important to you.
  • Travel management – booking flights, organising meeting rooms, planning family holidays, ensuring taxis are on hand every time you travel … these are the bread and butter of a qualified PA
  • Research – need to choose a school, buy a new car, find a wedding outfit or book a restaurant for a special occasion? Your PA will be able to do the necessary research to find just the right solution.

How to locate the perfect personal assistant

It’s obvious that finding the ideal personal assistant is as personal and intimate as the work they will be doing – that’s why we have dedicated consultants who specialise in this area of recruitment. Call us today to begin the journey that will end with you finding the perfect PA for your lifestyle.