Our Governess Agency

What is a Governess?

Governesses are a specialized subset of nannies and their main focus is on a child’s educational learning and development.

What does a Governess do?

Like a tutor, our Governess agency, Mrs. Hunts, imparts educational knowledge to the children rather than cater to their physical needs. Governesses work with school-going children, not babies whom the nanny or maternity nurse is usually responsible for.

A good governess will:

  • Be very professional, confident and disciplined,
  • Know methods on making learning fun,
  • Be a team player (e.g. easily work with other governesses or nannies),
  • Be a great teacher and mentor,
  • Have flawless interpersonal skills, and
  • Handle any social situation with ease.

The following are just some duties a governess may perform:

  • Teach academic subjects,
  • Improve social development skills,
  • Supervise children of ages 3 to 16 in conjunction with a nanny,
  • Impart knowledge on areas of specialized training (e.g. abstract painting, swimming etc.),
  • Teach musical instruments,
  • Improve primary language or teach secondary languages.

Why choose our British Governess Agency?

Our Governess agency, Mrs. Hunts, in the UK specializes in providing families with well-educated and qualified governesses. Our governesses are have a minimum of five years work experience in teaching and childcare. They master a variety of teaching methods in order to cater to any type of child they might encounter.

Our British Governess agency hires candidates with a recognised ability to support educational, social and emotional development. They provide educational knowledge not only based on academia but also outside of it. Our governesses also teach children important personality attributes such as courage and independence.

Even with a high demand at our Governess agency, we make sure there will always be an ideal governess for hire for your family and children.

How do we recruit our governesses?

We recruit the finest governess in the UK. They are educated with complete credentials and certifications. They also have several years of work experience in childcare and education before they join our British Governess agency, Mrs. Hunts.

At our British Governess agency, we recognise and understand the importance of finding the perfect and most reliable governess to educate your children. Hence, we only recruit high-quality candidates.

Do I need a Governess for hire?

Are you confused about your decision to have a governess for hire? Do not worry!

In the olden days, governesses were only available to royal and high net worth families specifically in Europe, Middle East and Russia. It was also very common to see governesses in families that were associated with the diplomatic service, military and managers in multinational companies. However, now, with an increase in the supply and demand of governesses, a governess for hire is available to all families in our Governess agency!

What are you waiting for? Find a governess for hire in our Governess agency, Mrs. Hunts!

Contact us today! We will provide you and your family with the most ideal governess who will make sure you never have to worry about your children’s education again! Our gold standard governesses for hire are waiting to be picked. Reach out now!