Need to know your family is secure?  How Mrs Hunt’s Staffing Agency can provide the staff for peace of mind


This is perhaps one of the least discussed, but most rapidly growing, areas of domestic employment. Domestic security staff look just like any other domestic employees but have additional specific skills that help keep your family safe and give you peace of mind.


What do domestic security staff do?


Forget the image of a bulky bodyguard with a barely concealed shoulder holster, our security staff look like any other domestic employees. The majority of their work is preventive – for example a Household Manager with a security remit may be advising on travel plans to maximise safety, checking that family activities don’t leave individuals exposed to criminal activity and supervising household staff to ensure they are aware of security concerns and maintaining a safe, risk-free environment.


Other security personnel may have more diverse functions:


Close Protection Assistant – we can provide professional, vetted and trained bodyguards for specific occasions or for permanent security detail.


Estate Manager – part of an estate manager’s commitment might be to undertake regular security surveys and audits, to keep themselves up to date with new forms of criminal activity and how to prevent or avoid it and to regularly update the structure of your premises to make it unappealing to criminals eg security lighting, spiny or noisy plants at strategic points, intercoms, CCTV and other ‘deter and impede’ elements that help make your home deeply unattractive to amateur trouble-makers and professional criminals alike.


Household Manager – in addition to other security concerns they may work with an Estate Manager to ensure location and security of household items is carefully considered and to meet any insurance criteria that protect your home and its contents. They are also responsible for collection of parcels, access to the home and basically ensuring the safety and security of your family.


Driver – whether you call them a driver or a chauffeur, a security driver has specialist training in both evasive manoeuvres and in logistics and route planning to enhance family safety alongside transport efficiency.


Executive Assistant or PA – these staff members may have responsibility for computer and network security which will include making sure family devices are regularly tested for malware and keeping home networks secure from intrusion.


How do I decide if I need security staff?


We can always help our clients to discover if their situation warrants the recruitment of security personnel. For many families this solution is something we can recommend before the point at which they experience something negative and traumatic that leads them to recognise the need for security input.  Decades of experience has helped us to understand where the security tipping points occur so we can be confident in helping families find the right domestic staff at the right time – before anything goes wrong.