Hiring a House Manager with Mrs Hunt’s Staffing

A house manager has total responsibility for the management of an entire household or estate, sometimes several households, and must be proficient in household service, managing staff and delegating responsibility to other servants. Running a household is a substantial commitment and at Mrs Hunt’s Staffing we focus on ensuring that our house manager jobs UK and abroad, are filled by candidates with excellent skills and training.

What does a house manager do?

  1. Supervise other staff
  2. Manage budgets and order supplies
  3. Coordinate daily schedules for family members
  4. Focus on home security especially where the house contains artwork, antiques or collections
  5. Organise travel
  6. Plan special events
  7. Serve as personal valet to the household principal
  8. Run household errands or delegate them to other servants.

As you can see, it takes considerable ability to balance this set of tasks, and that’s why we maintain a carefully curated list of experienced professional house managers, some of whom work as part of a couple such as house manager and nanny. Many of them have a background either in hotel or hospitality work or have been trained as a butler and extended their role to become a house manager/butler.

Overseeing domestic staff and supervising the perfect household

A house manager is a highly desirable member of staff, with wide ranging abilities and will often have specialist skills such as sommelier, event decor and personnel management. A house manager job description may include managing a fleet of vehicles or organising cut flower displays for a home open to the public. We seek to identify the perfect candidate to fulfil the needs of your household, regardless of how complex or unusual they are. We have recently placed a household manager overseas in a position requiring the ability to scuba dive and another is in charge of a collection of vintage motorbikes.

All our house managers have a hands-on attitude, are able to train other household members and have meticulous attention to detail, making them indispensable to their principal and vital to the smooth running of busy households with multiple staff members.

Ready to find the house manager who can ensure your entire property runs like clockwork? Mrs Hunt’s Staffing has a century of success in finding the right candidate for every domestic position, so contact one of our consultants to begin the search that will lead to a perfectly run household.