Domestic couples – the gold standard of household staff

For many individuals and families, the experience of hiring a domestic couple has been the end of household problems. Why? Because there are many advantages to choosing a domestic couple to work in your home:

  • Couples work together so you only have to give instructions to one of them to be sure your wishes will be carried out
  • The combination of skills in a couple means you get a comprehensive package to look after your home
  • The culture a couple bring with them will influence your other staff, as a result a happy couple tend to bring contentment to your household
  • Hiring a domestic couple means you only need one set of accommodation and you may make savings in other ways such as always having somebody on hand to deal with a crisis
  • Couples tend to be more settled and secure – they have confidence in each other so your staffing remains stable for a longer period.

What is a domestic couple?

A couple may be in a long-term relationship, or simply be two experienced household servants who’ve decided to hire out as a couple because it allows them to achieve more in their domestic careers. Most often though, they are a married couple with great experience in household management. A domestic couple may have a range of skills such as:

  • butler and cook
  • chauffeur and housekeeper
  • nanny and groundsman
  • estate management and housekeeping.

In virtually every case though, the core skills include serving as domestic cleaners and managing your household maintenance and grounds or gardens.

Mrs Hunt’s Staffing launched into the world as a domestic agency over a century ago with a list of high calibre couples who were much sought after in the stately homes and town houses of England. Today we offer a similarly comprehensive list of exceptional candidates but their skills have been updated to meet modern needs. Today’s domestic couple may also oversee diaries and manage schedules, maintain vehicles, supervise live out or part time staff and deliver hospitality duties. Perhaps the most common call for domestic couples is for second homes, where an experienced couple can look after your other property as you would wish and you can relax knowing that whenever you can get away you’ll be immediately at home, and welcomed as if you’d never been away.

Ready to find the couple who will give you the perfect home? Just contact Mrs Hunt’s Staffing today, so we can resolve your domestic staffing problems.