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Finding the right chauffeur with Mrs Hunt’s Staffing

We’ve all had the pleasurable experience of travelling in chauffeur driven cars, and it’s a simple step from this to recognising how much difference a chauffeur driver would make to our daily lives. A chauffeur is often known as a private driver today, and identifying the ideal chauffeur for your needs is part of our customised service.


Do I need a chauffeur?


For many high net worth individuals this question is meaningless, they know that life without a chauffeur service is simply unimaginable. Why? Because a chauffeur is much more than just a personal driver. He or she handles all driving and the maintenance and care of the household vehicles. Specialist chauffeurs may also:


  • Undertake basic household duties
  • Handle driving tasks such as collecting items from shops
  • Have specialist training in risk assessment, logistics and security liaison
  • Be advanced and evasive driver qualified.


A chauffeur or private driver with these attributes can be a real benefit to your household, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your family are being well looked after.


Chauffeur jobs London and worldwide


Capital cities are a particular focus for chauffeur service because major cities represent a major time drain for busy individuals and because transporting children around big cities contains a range of difficulties including logistics, safety and keeping young people entertained on what can become delayed and frustrating journeys. A experienced chauffeur has all the skills necessary to get professionals to work in a relaxed, productive fashion, while also being able to supervise children and alter travel plans to cope with traffic and weather conditions.


Being chauffeured is not a luxury, but a necessity for many families. Imagine the ease and comfort of never being late again, never having to worry about parking, missing a train connection or last-minute flight or hanging around for a taxi in the rain. Your chauffeur plans your travel, simplifies your life and gives you the ability to arrive at every destination happy, calm and ready to enjoy what life has to offer.


At Mrs Hunts Staffing we have a file of high calibre chauffeur candidates with a wide range of specialist experience ready and waiting to begin work.

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